Kumu Karen does private consultations for those wishing to receive a Hawaiian name for themselves or their business. Those who do not live in Hawaii send a photograph of themselves.

Hawaiian Names

A Hawaiian name is given when a baby is born, by personal request, or when a person enters a new phase of their life. Hawaiian names cannot be taken, it is kapu, forbidden. A Hawaiian name carries great mana, spiritual power. It also imbues the receiver with the blessings and spiritual power of that name.

There are several ways in which a Hawaiian name can be given. A person can pass their Hawaiian name on to another person, or receive a name from their Aumakua, ancestors, through a dream. Then there are those who through inspiration and prayer ask for and receive Hawaiian names. Kumu Karen falls into this category. She asks in prayer to see and feel the highest spiritual essence of the person she will be naming, and to receive the insight of who they truly are.

Please email Kumu Karen for the cost of a Hawaiian name for yourself or your business.